01 Jan 2016


I believe Xsjado has gone through several owners and has lost its roots throughout the process.  After I was given the opportunity to help manage the brand, I felt it was time to give a visit to the original founders Shane Coburn & Dustin Latimer to learn about their original vision. I believe it would be impossible to do any growing if our roots were not planted well into the ground.  I drove several hours to Arizona with photographer Josh Goodell and was set up through Revolution Skate shop owner, James Johnson to meet Dustin Latimer.  Dustin who is now unfortunately retired from the industry, blades on his own leisure with his son, Life.  After that meeting, I had another meeting with Shane Coburn, who has also moved on to become a writer in Los Angeles and he shared his initial ideas with the brand.  I now have a firm understanding of where Xsjado came from and can now proceed to move forward to only evolve their original beliefs and ideas.

Check out the Roots page on our site and let us build upon the foundation that they laid on our Xsjado Blades.

– Mike Obedoza.